How to set a close date in a Written RoundTable

Ending a Written RoundTable discussion
Written by Anna Lisa
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Here's how you can set a close date in a Written RoundTable 📆

1. Select the Settings tab.

2. Toggle the Close Date switch on then select a date and time.

3. When the discussion is closed, students can still comment on each other's posts. If you select "hard close", students will no longer be able to comment or post in the discussion.

Some important notes:

  • Students will also see the close date from inside the Written RoundTable, and when you send the invitation.

  • Students will automatically receive a reminder email 24 hours before the Written RoundTable closes.

  • When the set close date arrives, the Written RoundTable will automatically close and all student submissions/comments after this date will be marked as "posted after close".

  • Students will still be able to view the discussion.

That's all!

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