Editing Peer Feedback Stems

How to edit peer feedback sentence stems and guiding questions in a Written RoundTable
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Once students submit their ideas to a Written RoundTable, they can review their peers' submissions and provide them with feedback and comments.

A great way to help students develop these responses is by setting peer feedback stems or guiding questions. They act as a starting point for students when they are learning to give meaningful peer feedback. Sentence stems can also support students who are developing their writing skills such as ELL learners.

Here's how to access this setting:

  1. Select the Settings tab.

2. There is a pre-populated list of sentence starters you can check on or off. You can make any edits to these to suit the needs of your class. Click Save.

Additionally, you can write your own custom peer feedback sentence stems.

3. When finished, click save.

4. These questions will now appear at the end of each students’ submission in the comment tab for their reference.

Parlay Tip #1: Use the anonymous feature if your students are still getting used to writing with an audience and/or providing constructive peer feedback. As they become more comfortable with the process, you can switch your Online RoundTables to non-anonymous.

Parlay Tip #2: If you would like to reuse the sentence stems you've customized or edited, you can duplicate the RoundTable to carry these over.

That's all!

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