How to Prepare for a Verbal RoundTable (For Students!)

Tips on preparing for a Verbal RoundTable discussion
Written by Anna Lisa
Updated 4 months ago

Participating in a Verbal RoundTable on Parlay helps you engage in a meaningful discussion with your peers and develop your communication and critical thinking skills. Here are a few tips on how you can best prepare for the discussion:

  • Understand the Format

Your and your peers will be discussing a given topic and each person will "tap in" when they have something to say. You can tap in with a New Idea, a Challenge, a Build On or a Question. Everyone will taking turns being the speaker to share what they'd like to say.

  • Read, Research and Take Notes

Take notes on your notepad on what you'd like to say including key points, arguments, and questions. If your teacher has shared resources with you before the discussion, read assigned materials and conducting your own research on the topic. Your teacher will be able to see your notepad, and you can access your notepad throughout and after the discussion.

  • Prepare Talking Points and Evidence

Create talking points supported by credible evidence, including quotations, statistics, and examples. Consider different angles and perspectives while forming your arguments. If you are a little nervous, you can always read directly from your notepad!

  • Anticipate Counterarguments

Think about potential challenges to your talking points! 

  • Review Discussion Etiquette

Familiarize yourself with proper etiquette for the discussion. Your teacher may have set aside specific goals for the discussion. This might include respecting others' opinions and actively listening.

  • Use the Parlay Features

Use Parlay's features throughout the discussion such as tapping in when you have something to say, taking notes, clicking the ear icon when you want to encourage someone to speak, and the applause icon when you like what someone has said!

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