How many students can join a Verbal RoundTable?

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While the maximum of students that you can have in one Verbal RoundTable is around 100, we recommend keeping your discussions between 10 and 30 students. This will make it easier to manage, and will be less overwhelming for students to engage with everyone's ideas.

There is no maximum number of students you can have in one course.

Here are some options you might consider when managing large groups: 

1. Create a new course

First, you can divide your large group into separate courses. 

Split the group into two RoundTables. You can do this by duplicating the original RoundTable (click the three dots, then duplicate) then sharing the new invite link with the other group. Choose a moderator to take the lead on managing the queue.

2. Split the class

Split the class into two groups and have half the class discuss in an Written RoundTable , and the other half discuss in a Verbal RoundTable with the teacher.

Next class, you can switch!

3. Inner Circle & Outer Circle

You might want to split your class into two groups, and give them these instructions. For example: 

  • Group 1: You can tap in, share your ideas, and tap out normally.
  • Group 2: You are to listen to the discussion, take notes on your notepad, vote for students to encourage them to speak, and click the clappy hands to celebrate what's been said. Half way through the discussion you can have the groups switch!

The Observing option scaffolds their participation by taking notes which removes the pressure off of thinking what to say, and they can still participate in encouraging others.

That's all for now!

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