Parlay + Jamboard Integration

How to include a Jamboard in a Parlay discussion
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In this article we will review:

  • Ideas for when to use Jamboard with ready-made RoundTable templates.

  • How to include Jamboard in a Written RoundTable including copy and paste student instructions for individual Jamboard sharing.

  • How to include Jamboard in a Verbal RoundTable.

Let's get started! 😊

Written RoundTables + Jamboard

How could Jamboard be used in a discussion?

Here are some ideas:

1) As the main task: Provide the link to a Jamboard for students to access in the Content & Multimedia section. Their written responses could focus on explaining what/how they contributed.

Here is a ready-made template you can use for this activity.

2) Reflection activity: Feature a finished Jamboard in the Content & Multimedia section of a Written RoundTable. Students can review and answer several questions to prompt a reflection about the Jamboard.

Here is a ready-made template you can use.

Tip: The word cloud in the summary provides a great visual to observe key similarities/ideas from the Jamboard reflection.

3) Activity Idea: Student Jamboard Sharing

Students have the ability to add a link in their responses in a Written RoundTable.

Similar to a Gallery Walk, students can describe their thoughts, suggestions, or contributions to their peers' Jamboards.

Student instructions for how to include a Jamboard in their submission:

Please feel free to copy and paste.

1) In Jamboard, select the Share button in the top right corner.

2) Select Copy Link (you made need to change the access if it is Restricted)

3) In Parlay, select the link icon.

4) Paste the link in URL and write the name of your Jamboard in Text to Display.

Here are the steps to insert a Jamboard in a Written RoundTable:

1) In Jamboard, select Share in the top right corner.

2) Select Copy Link.

3) In the Written RoundTable, select the link icon in the top right corner.

4) Paste the URL to the Jam.

Verbal RoundTables + Jamboard

1) Select Prompt then Edit Prompt. This will allow you to add resources for students to review prior to the discussion.

2) Post the link to the Jamboard for students to review and/or contribute to. This prompt will appear above the students' notepads when they join the discussion.

Tip: Students typically need time to review the Prompt and write down ideas in their notepad. Consider sending the class the link to the Live RoundTable in advance. As an asynchronous homework task, they can review the Prompt and prepare notes.

Tip: As the teacher, you can refer to the Jamboard for speaking points during the discussion. Ex., highlight any interesting notes added, invite students to share and support their contributions.

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