How to embed a Sutori in a Written or Verbal RoundTable

How to link a Sutori page in a RoundTable
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In this article we will review:

  • Ideas for using Sutori in a Parlay Discussion.

  • How to embed a Sutori in a Written RoundTable.

  • How to include a Sutori in a Verbal RoundTable.

How can I use Sutori in my Parlay Discussion?

Here are some ideas!

  1. Use a Sutori as a resource in the Content & Multimedia section of a Written RoundTable or as a prompt in a Verbal RoundTable.

  2. Students use Sutori in their discussion responses. Show students how to add a link to their Sutori in a response the same way you can link a Sutori in a Content & Multimedia section or prompt.

RoundTables + Sutori

How do I add a Sutori into a RoundTable?

1. For both the Written and Verbal RoundTables, this first step is the same. In a Sutori, find the blue “Share” button on the right side under the header. Choose your visibility preferences (Note: it must be Secret or Public to share). Copy the link.

2. This step is slightly different between the Written and Verbal RoundTable.

a) Written Round Table

When editing the RoundTable, click the link button and insert the link and text you want to display.

Using the same method, you can show students how to insert a Sutori link in a discussion response.

b) Verbal Roundtable:

Select Prompt then edit prompt.This will allow you to add resources for students to review prior to the discussion.

Post the link to the Sutori for students to review and/or contribute to. This prompt will appear above the students' notepads when they join the discussion.

Tip: Since Sutoris can hold a lot of information, consider giving the students a link to the Verbal RoundTable in advance to ensure they have enough time to access all of the materials. For example, this could be done as an asynchronous homework activity!

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