Types of Parlay Discussions: Written and Verbal

The different discussion activities on Parlay.
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There are two main types of Parlay discussions:

1. The Written RoundTable - Asynchronous or Synchronous, In Class or Online!

A written, online discussion where students can anonymously share their ideas, and comment on each other's ideas. Individual and class-wide data about the discussion is available. 

2. The Verbal RoundTable - Synchronous. In Class or Online!

This is a verbal discussion. Students tap in when they have something to say and verbally share their ideas. As a teacher, you can assess, nudge, and send out polls. This is a great way to provide multiple entry points for students to participate in a synchronous discussion. The Verbal RoundTable has built-in audio and video capabilities. That means teachers and students can establish an audio/video conversation to facilitate fully remote Verbal RoundTables.

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