The Parlay Genie🧞

Parlay + ChatGPT = AI-Generated Discussion Prompts
Written by Bobby McDonald
Updated 7 months ago

The Parlay Genie🧞 (in beta) is a discussion prompt generator! It will generate higher-order thinking questions for your class based on a topic, YouTube video or article.

1. First, create a new RoundTable

2. Select Parlay Genie

3. Select a Written or Verbal RoundTable

4. Type the topic that you'd like your class to discuss OR click "URL Media" to paste the link to a YouTube video or article.

5. Select the number of discussion questions you'd like to generate.

6. Select the grade level

7. Click Generate Prompt

8. See the generated discussion questions highlighted in blue and make any edits that you'd like!

9. Add any additional instructions or resources, change any settings then click Create RoundTable

10. Invite Students with the magic link, code or through Google Classroom (or your LMS provider)!


- This Parlay Genie is in Beta, so please share any feedback that you have while using it! 

- You can re-generate or edit the discussion questions that the Parlay Genie generated before you use the prompt with your class

- Double-check the questions for bias. The Genie might assume the bias of the content you've inputted such as the news article or publisher.

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