Sequences of RoundTables

Stack and sequence RoundTables for deeper understanding
Written by Anna Lisa
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A sequence is an organized grouping of RoundTables aimed to deepen understanding for a given topic over time. Once you complete a discussion with your class, you can generate a follow up RoundTable in a Written or Verbal format. You can create up to 5 RoundTables in one sequence.

After your first RoundTable (once everyone has submitted their initial responses and left comments), click the three dots then click “Start Follow Up

Choose if you'd like to create a follow up RoundTable from scratch or if you'd like to use the Parlay Genie.

Creating a Follow Up From Scratch

Select if you want to run a Written or a Verbal RoundTable. Then you can enter your questions and resources to prompt discussion. When you're ready you can create the follow up RoundTable and Invite Students or save as a draft (and invite students later!)

Using the Parlay Genie

After running a Written RoundTable, Parlay Genie will analyze the student responses and generate follow up questions for deeper discussion. Click Parlay Genie and select the type of RoundTable you’d like to run as the follow up (Written or Verbal).

Let Parlay Genie work its magic! You must keep this tab open until Genie generates questions. You can open a new tab to browse the internet when this is happening.

Once the RoundTable is generated, review Genie’s questions! Make any changes that you’d like then click Create RoundTable and Invite Students. You can also save as a draft and invite students later on.

Note: You can create a follow up from a Written or Verbal RoundTable. However, Parlay Genie will only create follow up questions from a Written RoundTable. To follow up a Verbal RoundTable, you must create your own questions (or have students post their own to kick it off!)

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