Student log-in troubles

Written by Anna Lisa
Updated 1 year ago

If your students are having difficulties logging in, here are some steps students can take that should resolve the issue:

  1. Try logging from the homepage ( then once on the dashboard, enter the invite code.

2. Ask students to clear their cache then log back in.

If this does not resolve the issue, please connect with our team by selecting the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or you can email:

Please have the following information ready to go. This can help our team investigate the error:

  • What device is the student using?

  • What type of browser?

  • How have they been invited (magic link, code)

  • When did this error occur?

If you suspect that this issue is related to students being blocked, below is a list of URLs that must be accessible on the school network in order to use Parlay.

You can share this document with your IT team: Parlay Domain + Cookies Whitelist.pdf🖥️

If you have any other questions, please let us know! 😊

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