Important Google SSO Update (Sept 2023)

Enabling Single Sign On access for Parlay
Written by Anna Lisa
Updated 5 months ago

Important Google SSO Update

Google Workspace for Education is making a change this year that may impact your ability to use Parlay. If your school uses Google Workspace for Education, 3rd party apps like Parlay may be blocked for use by default. To be sure you and your students can sign up for and use Parlay this school year, simply forward this email to your IT administrator and ask them to allow use of Parlay in the Google Admin console before October 23, 2023.

How to allow use of Parlay in the Google Admin Console:

- Sign In to your Google Admin Console using an administrator account

- Get started by going to the intro page of the guided experience.

- Click Continue to view the first step, Confirm settings for unconfigured third-party apps.

- From here, administrators can select to enable 3rd party apps with Google sign-in. To learn more, visit this help article from Google.

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