User Management Guide (For Administrators)

Everything you need to know about what's included in the user management page.
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Let's review what's included on the User Management page!

School Information

First, let's look at the top bar which provides the following information:

Upgrade Code: To share with teachers who have a free trial account and would like to upgrade.

License Details: This is the total number of Parlay licenses purchased by the school or district.

Licenses Used: The current number of teachers connected to the school that are upgraded. Click here to learn how to add new users to your organization.

Expiration: The date the current license ends.

Also listed are the approved email suffixes for your organization. These have been inputted by the Parlay team and allow you to search for any emails that contain these suffixes for upgrading purposes.


You can search for users using the following filters.

General User Information

Upgraded users will be listed with the following information.

Let's break down some of this down:

  • Role: Here's where you can switch a user from a teacher to a student.

  • School: If your portal oversees various schools, you can select which school site this teacher is a part of.

  • RTs: This is the total number of RoundTables this teacher has created and/or participated in.

  • Three dots: Select the three dots to remove a user.

User Profile

For a deeper dive, select a user's name to access their profile that contains the following 3 tabs:

  • Details: Here you can view their user information. You can also update their role, school site, and admin privileges (coach, admin, or none)

  • Courses: Here, you can view course information including the course status (if it's active or archived), the number of enrolled students as well as the types of RoundTables created within this course.

    Select the course name to directly access this class.

  • Portfolio: When teachers create an Online RoundTable, they have the option to publish this discussion in their Parlay Teacher Portfolio. Select to view their Parlay Teacher Portfolio.

Trial Teachers

Toggle on the Trial Teachers button to view a list of teachers whose accounts are not upgraded, but whose email addresses also match the approved email suffixes for your organization.

Press upgrade to automatically upgrade these teacher accounts so they can have full access to Parlay.

Note: These newly upgraded teachers will receive an email notifying them that their account has been added to your organization and upgraded.

What's next?

Here are some other resources to help you get started:

If you have any questions, send us a note in the chat bubble!

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