School Analytics Page Guide (For Administrators)

Everything you need to know about the analytics page
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Welcome to the Analytics Page Guide!

In this article we will review:

  • Viewing School / District-Wide Analytics

  • Viewing Teacher Analytics

Ready to dive in?

First, select the date range that you’d like to view. The data will reflect the user activity between these dates.

School or District-Wide Analytics

At the top of the analytics page, you will see the following information:

Active Teachers: The number of teachers that have created and invited students to at least one RoundTable.

Active Students: The number of students who have been invited to at least one RoundTable.

RoundTables Created: The total number of RoundTables created by all teachers.

RoundTables Run: The total number of RoundTables with invited students that were created by teachers.

Universe Topics Used: The number of Universe discussion topics used by teachers.

Note: Trial teachers are users whose email addresses also match the approved email suffixes for your school / district. If you toggle this on, then their data will be included in the summary.

Next, the following bar graph shows the breakdown between the number of Online and Live RoundTables run between the dates selected.

Select the bars to see an interactive list of all of the RoundTables run. Select the Title or Course / Section to access the course and view the discussions.

The following graph shows the average amount of time that active students and teachers spent on Parlay.

The interactive Online RoundTable Engagement graph shows the cumulative number of submissions, applause, and comments given by students across all Online RoundTable.

The Live RoundTable Engagement graph shows the cumulative number of tap-ins (new idea, challenge, build on, and questions), applause, and encouragement (votes) given by students to their peers across all Live RoundTables.

Teacher Analytics

Once you've selected a date range, the most active and inactive teachers list will be updated. Also listed beside their name will be the number of RoundTables they have created within those times.

Select their name to access their individual profile.

Note: Remember, we're here to help! Look out for any suggestions in the portal from the team with strategies, discussion topics, and more to help drive understanding of how Parlay can be used and engagement from teachers and students. Or you can always send us a note in the chat bubble to connect with our team.

Also displayed will be the recent topics from the Parlay Universe that have been used by teachers. Select the topic title to view the discussion in the Universe.

Lastly, you can check out the Top Universe Portfolios to view the teachers who have the most number of RoundTables in their Parlay Teacher Portfolio.

And there you have it!

What's Next?

Check out these other resources to help you get started:

If you have any questions, send us a note in the chat bubble!

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