Course Management Guide (For Administrators)

Everything you need to know about how to manage, view and import courses.
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In this article we will review:

  • How to access and manage courses from teachers across the school/district.

  • How to import new courses to teacher's account.

  • How to add co-teachers to a course.

  • How to remove courses from being associated with the school/district.

Those with administrator and coach privileges are able to import and manage courses from within the portal. This allows coaches and administrators to set up teachers' courses in advance.

To get started, select the Courses tab on the top bar to access the Course Management page.

How to Access and Manage Courses

Use the top search bar to look up specific courses and teachers.

At a glance, you can view the course name, number of RoundTables created in this course as well as whether or not the course is Active or Archived.

Note: To archive the course, select the three dots. Archiving the course will stop students from being able to see or enter the course. You can restore the course at any time.

To access and view this course, first, select the course name.

Next select Go to this course. A new tab will open up with this class to explore.

Note: Here is where you can add Co-teachers to the course.

How to Import Courses

Select Add Courses.

There are two ways to import courses

  1. By filling out the CSV file template and confirming course details in the table.

  2. By manually filling in the table.

Let's start with the first option - Here are the steps to importing courses using the CSV file.

  1. To upload the CSV file, first select Download Template.

2. Next, fill in the course name and the teacher's email.

Note: Including the course section or adding co-teacher or students' emails is optional.

3. Select Upload CSV File to see this information updated in the main table.

4. Select Import

5. Select Finish to confirm the number of courses you've imported.

These classes will now be accessible in the main list of courses.

As mentioned, you could also import users by filling in the information in the table and selecting Import.

How to remove a course

  1. Select the three dots

  2. Select Delete Course.

  3. Type confirm and select delete.

And there you have it!

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